AIWC Photos

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Not-So-Extensive Photo Gallery

Reckless Rogelio vs 'Celtic Crippler' Colm Fitzgerald

Celtic Crippler posing victorious - rooftop!

The Irish Edge!

Moonsault from Reckless Rogelio

Reckless Rogelio powerbomb on Celtic Crippler

Reckless Rogelio Suplex on Celtic Crippler

"Commander Kekoa" Kendal Grove

"One Chew Tree Kid" Preston Grove

A famous shot of One Chew Tree Kid as guest referee at Sabado Gigante 2 in 2000

Pat Gas 'Detonator' on Slick Rick

Techno Destructo flies through the air like a tum tak

Dis one of King Atlus, 'Da Big Show'

Big Daddy A as guest ring announcer

Badass Bryan punishes Slick Rick

Coco prematurely celebrating during his main-event bout at Doggystyle Disaster 2008

General Stalin performs his show-stopping 'Russian Keeps On Chugging'

Cowboy Curtis fires his dual finger-pistols on the way to the ring. He knows how to get down and dirty...

Slick Rick delivers a resounding right hand during the main event at DD08

Those shady terrorists who were recently removed from power in the AIWC

General Stalin & Slick Rick reunite as the Kliq at Summer Heat 2010

Cabra del Infierno celebrates mid match with Son of the Eagle

The fireworks explode at Summer Heat 2010

Bud & Sam's Excellent Tag Team Venture - an old favorite!

The master of his craft - the art of the bodyslam by King Atlus! He prides himself on his slamming, and boasts that he could slam anybody, and no-one can slam him!

The Ultimate RWF Western Pacific Champion - Reckless Rogelio Guzman!

Guest Referee the One Chew Tree Kid demonstrates his famous 'Dead Fish'

Kekoa celebrates with his Bradda after winning the U.S. Title

Slick Rick flying off of Big Daddy A's shoulders (with Caca Del Gato on top)

Slick Rick flies at Mikey Edwards at Summer Heat 2010

Jason gives Leatherface a back suplex at Hell Night 2010

Leatherface slams a trashcan into Jason's head during the Texas Death Match at Hell Night '10