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A Brief History of the Premeir Ameteur-Professional Wrestling Group

The AIWC (Ameteur Independent Wrestling Circuit) was originally organized in 1992, with the inaugural Spring Showdown 1992 event in April. The AIWC calendar orbited around 4 major events annually, SPRING SHOWDOWN, SUMMER HEAT, FALL RUMBLE, and WINTER WAR. The initial roster contained King Atlus, whom was the first champion, Mr. X (a masked man later unmasked to be Slick Rick), Killer Kevin and the Thunderkid (whom later was known as "Linoheart" Mikey Edwards). This would be the entire full time line-up for the entire first year, with only a cameo appearance by A.J. Axe, whom only wrestled 1 match.

In 1993, interest in the AIWC picked up, and the roster exploded (porportionately). New full time wrestlers included Humongous Philip (whom later became Techno Destructo), Lord Steven (whom later became General Stalin), "Iron" Mike (whom was initially known as The Destroyer) and Uncle Sam. Making cameo and limited appearances included Evil Ernie Magana, the Arnsdorfs (Doug and Greg), Paul Bundy, the Raven (first female AIWC wrestler) and Jake "Hey look at that bird" Jones.

In 1994, 'war' broke out in the AIWC, as maniacal wrestlers run-amok channeled the ghosts of the past and took on the roles of the World War II superpowers! The suprisingly Jewish Iron Mike began being pushed around by the fake Adolf Hitler, whom with his massive bodyguard Johan Der Giant, was running rough-shod over the AIWC. They were soon aligned with General Stalin, and conquest seemed evident. But the USA rallied its cry, and with the help of Uncle Sam, Iron Mike, Chris the Spider Gonzales, the Thunderkid, Killer Kevin and Techno Destructo were able to send Hitler packing. The end of 1994 saw the uneventful debut of Flyin Bryan, later known as the American Renegade.

In 1995, the Midnight Massacre event was born, as the first ever night time events took place in the AIWC. The initial event was marked by the intense and bloody altercation between Killer Kevin and newcomer Casey Carnage. Other newcomers included the Butcher (Stalin under a mask), the Nigerian Nightmare, and the Ninja (Killer Kevin under a mask). This year would also see the departure of a few wrestlers, including Uncle Sam, the Raven, Killer Kevin, and the Thunderkid.

In 1996, the AIWC kicked into high gear. The action hit a critical level. Newcomers included the legendary Judge R. Wopner (the R is for Rogelio), who went on to become Reckless Rogelio. Also new to the AIWC were Rey Misterio III, Orlando "Magic" Guzman, Colossus, the legendary Big Daddy A, Kristafa, and the infamous Jimael. Since this year, the AIWC was the recognized revolutionary force in ameteur-professional wrestling.

1997 saw the exploits of Wingnut, and the comissionership of Sonny. Uncle Sam made his return to the AIWC under the name Sambo. Masked wrestler Salvation, whom had debuted in 1996, brought the violence to a new level with Judge R. Wopner, as death matched headlined cards with new attendance records.

1998 saw some important additions to the future of the AIWC. Pat Gas debuted as a low-level competitor, as did the Celtic Crippler Colm Fitzgerald and the Battling Beaver. But perhaps most of all was the debut of Jawaiian (Preston Grove), whom would go on to his greatest successes as the One Chew Tree Kid. Grove would push the envelope of intensity and violence, and re-define the 'lengths' to which a wrestler was willing to go. New masked men included Midnight, Red Dawn, Black Death, Jason, Leatherface, and others. 1998 also saw the return of the Thunderkid, under the name "Lionhear" Mikey Edwards.

1999 saw former cameo competitors Pat Gas, Colm Fitzgerald, Big Splash (whom hadn't appeared since his 2 match deal in 1993), Gunther Heimlich and Asylum take on a more active role in the AIWC. Preston Grove rose to superstardom as the One Chew Tree Kid. 1999 saw the debut of Badass Brian Khale, the oldest competitor in the AIWC (in his 30s) as a bodyguard for Slick Rick in the absence of Big Daddy A until his incarceration toward the end of the year.

2000 saw the debut of Grove's brother, Kendall Grove (of UFC fame), whom became the Commander of the Hawaiian Army started by his brother. Commander Kekoa and the One Chew Tee Kd became a force to be reckoned with. In 2000, Badass Brian returned to the AIWC after being released from prison. He became a superstar, capturing the heavyweight championship, and dominating the competition.

2001-2005: The AIWC has had many ups and downs in the new millenium. We saw the unlikely returns of Uncle Sam, Killer Kevin, Kristafa, as well as many short-termed wrestlers debuts. Attendance was up, however frequence was down. The last organized AIWC event was the legends reunion in July 2005, which featured Slick Rick vs Reckless Rogelio vs Uncle Sam in a first-ever-between-them 3 Way match for the heavyweight championship. 

2007-Present: The AIWC showed signs of life in October 2007, when Big Daddy A made a surprise return to reform the Hard Corporation with Slick Rick to take on The Terrorist, and his brainwashed slave General Stalin. Miraculously, General Stalin came around and returned to his former self, signifying the end of the terrorist death grip that had killed the AIWC. But, it would not rebound back to glory so easy. Another sanctioned AIWC event was not held until Doggystyle Disaster in the spring of 2008, which saw the debut of AIWC sensation Cowboy Curtis. This was also the last appearance of the Celtic Crippler to date.

In 2010, the AIWC held Summer Heat 2010, and had the biggest card in 5 years. It was such a success, that another event was held recently in the beginning of November 2010, Hell Night. Has the AIWC returned from the grave? Only time will tell...

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